Hearing aid maintenance

Sonotones offers its clients the fitting of their hearing aids, as well as a three-year warranty, free batteries, unlimited maintenance and cleaning, and regular and personalised care.

Free annual audiometry

The client will be provided with an annual hearing test update service, free of charge. Each year it is possible that the hearing loss may vary due to different circumstances, therefore having the hearing level updated will help the hearing care specialist adjust the hearing aids more accurately.

Periodic hearing aid checks

Checking the functioning of hearing aids is essential for correct sound transmission and to extend the life of the hearing aids. At Sonotones we will analyse the functioning of the electronic components of your hearing aids (microphones, earphones, amplifier) and the condition of external parts such as filters, couplers, moulds or micro-moulds, etc., replacing them if necessary at the same time.

Remote hearing care

Remote system that allows hearing to be assessed and hearing aids to be reprogrammed virtually, no matter where the user is. It involves personalised attention through video calls with the hearing care technician to adjust the programming of the hearing aids immediately.

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